HYMAX GRIP®  joins and restrains a wide selection of pipes of different types and diameters, easily and reliably. Due to its patented design, it allows the joining of pipes of the same or different materials and diameters, and preventing axial pipe movement.

This market-leading restraint coupling family, invented and manufactured by Hymax, features a unique radial gripping system suitable for most metal and plastic pipes, combining a top-facing two-bolt grip coupling that enables quick and easy installation. The HYMAX GRIP’s patented gasket allows dynamic deflection of the pipe of up to 4 degrees per side, reducing future pipe cracks and breaks. The GRIP is made of highly durable ductile iron and can withstand a working temperature of up to +125°F, truly the perfect product for a fast and reliable restrained connection. HYMAX GRIP meets or exceeds standards AWWA C219, NSF-61, and NSF-372.


NEW from Hymax USA:

The HYMAX GRIP 14″/16” is the first restraint product of its size with four top-facing bolts and a stab-fit, one-piece design.

HYMAX GRIP products are now available with NBR gaskets (sizes 1.5″-12″).

NOTE: Our HYMAX products are not to be used for Petrochemical applications.

HIGH PRESSURE GRIP – HYMAX GRIP products are now offered in two options, a standard pressure version and a high pressure one with a specially designed grip chain.

For exact sizes, pressures and product information please refer to the specifications sheets.

PRECAUTIONS FOR HDPE PIPE:  Note that the use of pipe stiffeners is required when you use the HYMAX GRIP on HDPE pipe.

HYMAX GRIP Installation Instructional Video
HYMAX GRIP Information Video
GRIP Pressure Testing
HYMAX GRIP installation video
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pdf HYMAX Grip Flange Adaptor
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